Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas in Asheville, NC

It happens every year the same way. A few days before Valentine's Day and .... nothing. No ideas come to mind, every fancy schmancy restaurant downtown Asheville is all booked up, and here you are, scrambling to tell your boo thing not to fear. This town has a way with the people I know, where we love to linger around with time until time is all up. Classmates file in with seconds to spare before the starting time, the hipsters in coffee shops talk slow and deep, and everyone's in sort of a time lapse with the mountain-scape's sunset. That's not a legit excuse when it comes to your love-friend, though. I'm sorry to tell ya. But alas, it is the city of romance. Here are some quick, lovely ideas for the latecomers to the love parade. It's okay, breathe, I got you covered.

1. Go on a lover-lunch instead of dinner.

Restaurants will most likely be gearing themselves up for the kissing fests they'll have to endure around 5 p.m. Get your honey and bombard them first, before the reservations start filing in. This way, you're more guaranteed to get a seat without a call ahead, and you'll be comforted by more silence and better parking. Recommendations for lunch in Asheville: Mela, The Walk (macaroni and cheese!!), Standard Pizza Co.,  Farm Burger, The Southern, Carmel's and Zen Sushi.

2. Indulge in the Art Scene

Galleries will be open throughout the city on Sunday, including some that will have special Valentine's day presentations. Most of the time galleries have no entry fee and they're quiet, intimate spots perfect for this lovey dovey holiday. Recommendation: aSHEville museum exhibit, Her Noble Words and Botanical Moonprints at NC Arboretum (20 minutes away from downtown)

3. See the sights, But stay warm

No one wants to hike in the middle of February, and a lot of great spots aren't even open. But take advantage of the easy walks and nicely regulated spots on the love holiday, like The Cut off Town Mountain Road or Chimney Rock Park, a thirty minute drive from Asheville but an easy park (there's even an elevator to get to the top) with beautiful views as if you're on the parkway.

4. Live Music

There will be pretty tunes permeated throughout the romantic city the entire night, so you and your boo could either follow the music or hit up a music venue that'll guarantee a good show. Recommendation: Check out Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Orange Peel and Sweet Claudette at ISIS. Both sound amazing!

5. Coffee, Chocolate & Chill

Asheville has an amazing array of coffee shops and bakeries to peek your head into. Maybe you don't want to do a full meal, but still want to get out of the house. Go check out my post about the best & most intimate coffee shops in Asheville, or take a chance at the super popular, super sweet French Broad Chocolate Lounge in the heart of downtown on Valentine's day.  (Recommendation: their carrot cake and liquid chocolate drinks. mmm lawd.) Other amazing chocolatey places include Chocolate Fetish and Kilwin's, both downtown as well.

6. Order Food to Your Door

Too lazy, but also want to do the food thing? Get some food brought to your door with Valet Gourmet Asheville, Metro Chinese Food or Jason's deli.

7. Those Who Salt Cave Together Stay Together

Not only is this place romantic, but it's probably time you pamper yourself anyway, so this would be a great spot to go with your love friend on Valentines day. Slide over to their website to learn more.


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