The LIBY team comes from all around the east coast of USA, but we are based in Asheville, North Carolina. We all share different stories, values and passions. But we come together to document them here.Welcome to our world, we love having you.


Christina Geneve
Founder, Lifestyle Blogger

Makeda Sandford
Editing Manager, Lifestyle Blogger

Makena Mambo
Video Manager


Imani Thomas, hailing from Greensboro, NC, enjoys the simple things in life. Like spending her free time stressing over how little free time she has. When she's not studying hard to maintain a good enough GPA to not get condescending talks from her mother, she can often be found (or not found) taking hidden pathways to get around campus. Imani is a Media Studies major and Studio Art minor at UNCG, and plans to go into the fast-paced industry of film & music production. Imani's hobbies include: advising friends to dump their problematic significant others and practice self-love, outdoor adventures like kayaking & hiking, taekwondo, and photography (she is a novice with shaky hands, so please be kind). Read her posts here.

Justin. The man, the cute, the legend enjoys talking about things relevant in today's world. Though it's an irreverent and sometimes eccentric take on sports, music, art, brands and day to day happenings on the Internet. While maintaining his brand of ~veryrelaxed~ he wants to create a hub of culture and have fun.
He also thinks writing in third person isn't as fun as flexing or speaking in third person.

As a writer, digital artist, and coffee enthusiast, Stephanie Rogers, is based in Asheville, North Carolina. As a former angsty teenager, much of her work, both written and visual, explores the intersections of technology, adolescence, and romance. Some of her interests include red wine, roll-on body glitter, and researching various niche subjection the Internet late at night. She currently works as the outreach and development coordinator at the Media Arts Project, an organization that promotes innovative arts and technology.


Home grown barista and big thinker, Helen Rosen just moved to the Lower East Side of New York City to start an intensive, farm-to-table professional culinary program. Born and raised in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina, she blew through public school, studied abroad, and then promptly dropped out of her first year at UNC Asheville to move back to the town she loved to work in the third wave coffee industry that fueled and impassioned her. Lover of all things off-kilter and inspired, she is a poet and a cook with an old soul and the directional senses of a four year old. If you can't find her in the kitchen trying desperately not to stain her uniform, Helen is taking off on foot, embracing her tendency to get lost in the big city and hunting down the best coffee, food and culture NYC has to offer.


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