Monday, January 25, 2016

Cool People: Jam Session with Lucianna Ania


Lucianna Ania is a lovechild between Luci Davis, singer/rapper extraordinaire, and three talented guy friends of hers: Sebastian, Guthrie and Jack. The band is new, but already has a strikingly unique sound. Incorporating electronic tones with smooth base and sharp drums, Luci leads the sound with harsh yet beautiful notes gliding on top of the harmonies. Picture a garage rock collaboration with Odd Future, or a Janis Joplin post-rock lovechild. You'll get Lucianna Ania. I had the pleasure of listening to their practice and run of their current set, an eclectic mix of all the styles that inspired Lucianna Ania. One minute she'll be rapping about club drugs, and the next minute they'll have a full blown break-down. Here are some visuals, edited in inspiration of their music from my night with these very, very cool people. Listen to their recordings on Soundcloud.



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