Saturday, January 9, 2016

His Own Direction

One Direction, the British 5-part boy band made famous from The X Factor in 2010, has been broken up for about 10 months now. Well, logically, actually only since November 13th with the release of the seemingly last album,  Four.
I can't help but ask myself, who really even gave a fuck after Zayn Malik decided to leave? He was the one bringing in those numbers. What'd you think, Harry Styles? He dated Taylor Swift, so everything he does is now considered null and void.
I am a completely heterosexual man, so I can admit this in full comfortable in myself that Zayn Malik is a sexy sum'bitch. Look at him.

Knowing what I know about 1D -- a group geared towards 12 to 15 year old girls -- I never really gave a damn about them. But I frequent Twitter. That's my home. So when Zayn Malik split from the group, the Brit became a trending topic. It got me curious, why the f*ck he do that? 
Nothing much immediately came from the J.T./Beyonce move, or dare I say, the greatest solo venture ever, Michael McDonald leaving The Doobie Brothers. But, around the month of September, when talks of the final One Direction project began to arise, Malik began opening himself up to major publications in personal interviews at his home in Beverly Hills where after reading into who he is, you can clearly see he was the 'bad boy' of the group.

The graffiti, the smoking, the bleached hair and obligatory leather jacket. 

Now, the solo career started in March 2015. Here we are in the new year and still nothing. He has acknowledged the glaring absence of music in which constitutes a solo venture. So where the hell is it Zayn?
Learning of his life's musical influences really sparked a new interest in his forthcoming work. The British Pakastani credits his father with a deal of his influence, who was immensely into R&B, and when asked what music he had playing around the house, he said “it was a lot of R&B, a lot of R. Kelly, a lot of Usher, a lot of Donell Jones, a lot of Prince.” Along with rap artists like Pac and Big as well as the bop & reggae genres.

Training Wheels Zayn:

Motorcycle Zayn:

With knowing that we will hear some of Malik’s own sound in the spring is exciting and I am personally looking forward to it.

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