Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Snoozeday: Link Roundup

In honor of the Tuesday blues, we curate a weekly selection of the most interesting things on the web. Brew some coffee, curl up with your laptop, and get clicking!

LISTEN: In a flurry of absolutely no publicity at all, Rihanna actually released ANTI. You can stream it on Tidal here.

TWITTER IRONY: If you or any of your friends lived in the local College Art House (you know, the kind where all your mugs were broken after week one and most of the bedrooms have bedsheets and tapestries hanging up instead of walls), you will be able to relate to Show House Problems.

POP CULTURE: A dissection of why we all feel weird about how hot and cool Taylor Swift's girlfriends are.

HISTORY: Learn more about Santa's horned, evil counterpart Krampus. It's more than just the movie. 

LITERATURE: Marilynne Robinson interviews President Obama aka a literature student’s wet dream.


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