Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Snoozeday: Link Roundup

In honor of the Tuesday blues, we curate a weekly selection of the most interesting things on the web. Brew some coffee, curl up with your laptop, and get clicking!

ENTERTAINMENT: in case you missed the Grammys, here is a quick breakdown of the winners. Plus! Stephen Colbert on Kanye's absence.

READING LIST: 12 books to read if you want to work in fashion

UP-TO-THE-MINUTE ART: an incredible piece on what might be the first Instagram art piece

POLITICS, SORT OF: why Ted Cruz's face weirds you out

POLITICS, ACTUALLY: an all-caps essay on the Democratic backlash Hillary Clinton. Plus, does Hillary Clinton deserve the black vote? Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, says no.

MUSIC: Pink Eruption

COSMETICS: Wet and Wild released this $5 nude palette I definitely need to buy, and Maybelline announced that they are releasing a black lipstick (heavy breathing).

ART: 11 Pro-Tips for Art Plus Internet

TO SEND TO MOM: Why Teenage Girls Roll Their Eyes on the New York Times, thank you very much (I actually texted this to my mom)

KANYE WEST: what's newsworthy anymore?

ASHEVILLE: views of the city's black history

PHOTOGRAPHY: documenting the intricacies of teenage girls

HISTORY: a conversation with Dylan Klebold's mother, seventeen years after Columbine

WRITING: why the common advice to "write every day" might be worst thing you can tell a writer. 

PRODUCTIVITY: download this to beat that damn impulse to open a new tab when you should be focusing

INTERIOR DESIGN: kind of obsessed with this website for all the pretty pictures of what I want my dream house to look like

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