Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Camel Should Be Your Go-To Clothing Color

Fall of 2015 brought us some of the best trends we've had in a long time. From matte lipsticks to the return of neutral colors, we finally had a season filled with unforgettable statement pieces, themes and trends to try on for good size. The one trend that stuck to me the most was the arrival of camel domination. It was subtle, effective, and it made me love flaunting my brown skin much more. Camel is now the color of my nails, my backpack, and my favorite faux glasses (I use to shield my over-active tearducts from intense Asheville winds). And as spring slides thru, I will hold on to my dear love for camel, keeping my looks warm and different while everyone is locked on florals.

So why should you love camel, you ask? It's a neutral color with flair, personality, and versatility. Anyone can rock black, whites before Labor Day and even your everyday gray (don't even get me started on my love affair with gray.) But camel looks like you actually tried. It'll pull the warm tones out of your skin and leave the reds behind, it'll fix your edges and fix your life. Not only does it warm, but it stays quiet. You can easily pair camel with another signature color. I typically pair my camel accents with my deep purples, burgundies, and forest greens. It looks professional, but not too crazy serious. Camel will make you feel like a fashion blogger. (because, you know, that's just the coolest thing ever.) Also, guys look great in camel. Exhibit A, and the only example you need: Empire stars rocking camel for GQ.

What should you buy in camel? The best look rocking this color that has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg would be with a classic camel-colored peacoat. It's sleek, looks great with all black, and it can be dressed up or dressed down with a few quick changes. But since the season of coats are coming to a close, try buying camel in your favorite accent piece. A camel shirt can be tucked in to achieve a duochrome outfit with jeans or a nice dark color, or a camel belt or suede camel boot can jazz up a casual outfit. If you like to go bold, try a pair of cute tan or camel pants. Pair them with an all white sneaker or a classy black boot to go hard or go cute.

A bad selfie of ya girl.

What do I rock in camel? My camel backpack is my ride-or-die, from Urban Outfitters along with my wide-frame glasses, speckled in black. My camel shirt, flowy and lined vertically, is a signature Forever 21 piece, perfect with some casual thick leggings and chelsea boots. I also have a great camel-colored crop top sweater from Forever 21, that I love to wear with high waisted jeans and combat boots. Camel has also inspired me to dabble in highlighting and bronzing makeup, accenting my golden tones a little more to stay on par with my outfit. It'll warm you up and keep you glowing.

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